Dwi Siswanto

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Total time coded since Jul 12 2018

I’m Dwi Siswanto, yr old full-scratch developer & security engineer. I love to build & break things and I open-source almost everything I can, mostly for security and bug bounty stuff that to pwn & automate all the things.

I have no degree alias never go to formal college education, so keep in mind that if you want to hire me, I might not remember crypto functions in Go, or the complexity of interpolation search algorithm, but I’m quite good enough in searching for it! All I learn this way, then I use in my projects.

I also try to reply to everyone needing help using those projects. Obviously, this takes time. You can use this service for free! However, if you’ve made some impact using my tools or just want to encourage me to continue creating stuff, please consider giving back or support my efforts and help it grow by buy me a cup of coffee - but only if you’re definitely able to! :grinning: :tada: